The Institute for Research, Education and Social Development (IREDS) organizes training for teachers in the field of new methodologies in teaching and assessment. This training offers teachers an overview of the latest trends in the development of pre-university education, in which teaching reforms have begun in the implementation of the new Curriculum and new teaching methodologies.

In this case, the training focuses on the basic curriculum and program development, new teaching methodologies and student assessment methods, these three components which are necessary to ensure that the students’ competencies will be achieved in accordance with the curriculum through methods of suitable for teaching and with a professional evaluation for their achievement.

The training program has three basic modules:

Core curriculum and curriculum development;
Contemporary teaching methodologies: Project-based teaching, Research-based teaching and Problem-based teaching;
Testing and evaluation methods;
The training program is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and offers 80 hours, which are recognized by teachers for (re)licensing.