The Institute for Research, Education and Social Development (IREDS) organizes training for teachers in the field of inclusive education. This training provides teachers with an overview of the latest trends in the development of pre-university education, in which inclusive education reforms have begun in schools and combined classes. In this case, the training focuses on the preparation of teachers with new knowledge and skills in evaluating the school environment and the classroom for adaptation in the inclusive school/classroom. The training also focuses on recognizing the different learning difficulties that appear in children at different stages of their development, as well as on classroom and school intervention approaches for children with learning difficulties. The training program has four modules:

Concepts in Inclusive Education;
Inclusive school / assessment and modeling of inclusive school;
Children with special needs, learning difficulties and their education;
Curriculum development and didactics in inclusive education / Individual Education Plan (IPA);
The training program is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, it offers 80 hours, which are recognized by teachers for (re)licensing. Flyer for Inclusive Education (1