The Institute for Research, Education and Social Development (IREDS) is a non-for profit organization with the main mission to serve as a dynamic think-tank body aiming to boost domestic and international education and research development via introducing and transferring innovative and latest approaches and standards which evolve from the most dynamic European and global initiatives. IREDS functions as an organization continuously responding to societal challenges and emerging needs in a changing context, from the focus to central and local policy support via research-based recommendations and suggestions, to the contribution to community and society by providing direct output and outcome results via research, training and development activities.


  • Support evidence-based policy development in the field of education, health and welfare, social inclusion, and research;
  • Conduct research, feasibility, labor market and assessment and evaluation related studies;
  • Support strategic and organizational development of organizations and institutions dealing with education, health, welfare, social inclusion and community support and development;
  • Provide insight and research-based opinions & recommendations regarding quality of services in education, healthcare, and community development sectors through increasing transparency and accountability;
  • Provide training and capacity building for relevant actors in the field of education, research, healthcare, welfare, civil society, enterprises, and so on;
  • Increase institutional and citizens’ awareness and undertake initiatives on the dimension of tackling barriers towards enhancing quality of services and quality of life for citizens;