IREDS INSTITUTE within the project “Strengthening the provision of social services for the most vulnerable groups in Kosovo in response to Covid-19”, is facilitating the process of establishing a program/Protocol for mutual assistance of PSCs and NGOs ve social service providers to provide social services together, for the most vulnerable groups in Kosovo, namely the developed protocol will enable PSCs and NGOs to refer cases for services, provide joint services and pursuing cases that benefit from one side. Through this project, IREDS will support the cooperation between at least 46 Non-Governmental Organizations and the Center for Social Work throughout Kosovo.
The IREDS Institute, with the relevant actors, has completed the first cycle of the project, organizing the first eight workshops for each Region of Kosovo, in order to receive information and feedback on previous cooperation practices and on the impact of the development of a program/protocol of common for the provision of services.
The project is supported by Save the Children in Kosovo, financed by the European Union Office in Kosovo.